Tamils Celebrate The Festivals Of Tamil Nadu With Great Joy And Intense Energy

Tamil Nadu is the home of many festivals and the people of Tamil Nadu celebrate these festivals with great joy and intensity. These festivals are celebrated with great fervor and lots of people participate in the celebrations. These festivals are observed throughout the year and some of these festivals are less celebrated than others. The festivals of Tamil Nadu are celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. Here are some of the festivals of Tamil Nadu.


1. Celebrating The Festival Of Lights


One of the most anticipated festival of the year is the festival of lights, which is also known as Deepavali. This festival is celebrated in every state of India, but the state of Tamil Nadu has a special way of celebrating it. The celebration of this festival is full of joy and intense energy. People gather together to celebrate the festival with the hope of a bright future ahead. It is a time when people celebrate the end of the year and hope for a peaceful and prosperous new year.


2. The Festival Of Flowers


The Festival of Flowers is celebrated with great joy and intense energy. The Festival of Flowers is observed in Tamil Nadu on the last full moon before the Tamil month of Adi. The festival is celebrated for five days, with the highlight being the Thiruvathira day, which is the day of the full moon. It is celebrated with great fanfare and the grandest of celebrations. The festival is primarily celebrated by women and girls. According to Tamil traditions, the women in the household are responsible for preparing the flowers for the festival. The women take care of the flowers and set them up in different parts of the house. The women also prepare various delicacies to be offered to the deities. For the first three days, the women decorate the house with flowers and lights. The fourth day is the day for the festivities. The day starts with the women singing the Thiruvathira songs. This is followed by the women going around the house and praying to the deities. The fifth day is the day of the Thiruvathira. The women wake up early in the morning, take a bath, and exchange new clothes. They then go around the house and pray to the deities. 


3. The Festival Of Fire


The Festival of Fire is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu. It is the largest festival in Tamil Nadu, with a history of over 2000 years. The festival is celebrated with great joy and intense energy. It is a cultural festival of Tamil Nadu that is celebrated all over the state. The festival is celebrated on the day of the vernal equinox. It is celebrated on this day because it is when the sun and the moon are in equal positions. The festival is a time of celebration, re-birth, and renewal. The festival is celebrated during the day with traditional folk dances and songs.


4. Conclusion.


Tamils are known for their joy and intense energy. They are very festive and have many celebrations throughout the year. One of these celebrations is the Tamil New Year which is known as Pongal. Pongal is a great time for celebration and the people of Tamil Nadu will not stop celebrating until the last day of the festival. There are many foods that are prepared and served during Pongal. Some of these foods are rice, rice cakes, and rice powder. It is prepared according to the phases of the harvest. The ingredients are then cooked in a copper pot and the resulting dish is called Pongal. There is also a variety of drinks that are served during this time. These drinks include sweet pongal and sour pongal.



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